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We provide the Space  . . .

Great Work, Community, Connection & CoWorking!



In our busy world, it’s hard to stay focused and at the top of your game. There are so many distractions. Motivation and creative energy get buried in the solitude of a dull and quiet house or trampled by the needs of everyday stresses and obligations. Don’t let multitasking your home and work responsibilities keep you down. 

The laundry, the dog, the new Netflix binge, the kitchen, the kids, your guitars. We’ve all done it . . . gone into the kitchen for just one snack, sat down to watch just one episode, only to lose 3-hours to the latest shiny object! 

Are you ready for Designated work space?

Imagine what you could accomplish in just 3 focused days a week. 
At New Leaf you have the space to find the focus, connection, and inspiration you’ve been longing for. 

Life is too short — love the work you do! 


Find fellow freelancers, remote workers, solo-preneurs, social-preneurs, small businesses


Have meaningful conversations and develop relationships that support your business.


No more talking to the house plants and waiting for them to answer. 


Natural partnerships and support networks develop through community interaction. 

WELCOME to NeW LEAF Initiative

Our Members Enjoy

  • Variety of workspaces
  • Video & call booths
  • Free locally roasted coffee
  • Fiber optic wi-fi
  • A quiet distraction-free work zone
  • Connection to Schlow’s Business Resources
  • Quality printing & copying services
  • Business mailing address
  • Connection to nation-wide Coworking hubs

Do Your Best Work

Leave your work at work, create space for you at home

Make time to reach your goals and build your dreams at work and at home!

 Don’t wait to start building your business!
The world needs your creative genius.

Testimonials & Featured Supporters

Co-working at New Leaf was a gamechanger, both personally and professionally. And the change in direction it had in my life was possible just because of choosing to volunteer at New Leaf and then working from there and seeking friendships and inspiration there. Being in the room matters. The connections matter. And the impact is long term.

Let’s Connect and Have a conversation

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